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Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville – 10 Years of Service

Read this story from Pajaro Valley Shelter Services’ Winter Newsletter 2007/2008! Financial and in-kind donations to PVSS during the winter season are vital in supporting our families and programs. Help us reach our Winter Season Goal by donating online or mailing your gift to PVSS, 115 Brennan Street, Watsonville, CA 95076.

During the 2007/8 season, students from Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville donated toys to children at Pajaro Valley Shelter Services – just as this year they donated blankets, sheets, and pillows. 10 years of service – thank you, Monte Vista Christian School Mustangs!

Also, check out the snippet on the right side of the page, thanking Big Creek Lumber for their donation of lumber for one of our renovation projects in 2007, and Granite Construction for the donation of materials and services for the driveway construction. In 2017, Big Creek Lumber included us in their raffle with Graniterock for the Santa Cruz Fair. Most recently in 2017, Granite Construction included us in their Halloween fundraiser. Thank you for your years of service, Big Creek Lumber and Granite Construction!

“The children at Pajaro Valley Shelter Services received dozens of toys, games, books, and stuffed animals this holiday season, thanks to the wonderful efforts of students from Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville. ‘We invited a woman [from PV Shelter] to campus to tell us how the Shelter turned her life around,’ said Bible teacher Chuck Kelley. ‘The students got excited about making a difference right here in our community.’ When Mark Riley, Executive Director, picked up the toys and more than $900 in gift cards, he said, ‘This is awesome. We don’t have enough resources to do this on our own, so this will make it a real exciting Christmas for the kids.’ The donations filled fourteen jumbo plastic bags and pretty much filled up the back of the agency pickup truck. ‘Parents picked out toys for their children and wrapped them,’ said Yesenia Zavala, a staff member at the shelter. ‘It means a lot to them to be able to give presents to their kids.’”


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