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Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Executive Summary

Pajaro Valley Shelter Services (PVSS) made significant progress during its last strategic plan period, 2019-2022. With a new Executive Director, Mike Johnson, coming on board at the beginning of the plan implementation period, fresh energy was focused on system improvements and program data and evaluation. PVSS met or exceeded plan goals in the areas of Program Development and Systems Improvement. In addition, due to these improvements, program Key Performance Indicators increased significantly. At the end of the planning period, PVSS identified that, despite the increase in staffing, there were two areas that still needed additional staff, administrative support, and case management. Staff salary increases were also needed to “catch up” with inflation and pay comparable wages.

The 2022 Point in Time (PIT) census and survey of countywide homelessness indicated a 60% decrease in family homelessness. However, this data contrasted with PVSS’ internal waitlist data, that overall showed a small increase in family homelessness and a large increase in unhoused single females. This context informed the inquiries throughout the strategic planning process.

PVSS formed a Strategic Planning Steering Committee, comprised of community, board, and staff members, to drive the planning process. Over a span of six months, the project entailed an exhaustive examination of existing data, an extensive environmental analysis, and one-on-one interviews. For the first time, former and current participants were invited into the Strategic Planning process offering their unique voice to the discussion. This inclusive process yielded healthy conversations guided by safety and trust.

Deep gratitude is extended to the members of the Steering Committee for volunteering their time and talent to thoughtfully lead the planning process and bring PVSS ever closer to ending family homelessness.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

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