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Programs and Housing

Need Help? If you find yourself in need of housing for your family, help is only a click away.

Call us at (831) 728-5649 or fill out this form.

Our solutions start with housing. Being homeless or living in substandard conditions places significant stress on parents. They need a safe place for themselves and their children to live so they have the time and space to create change. Once they know their children are safe, then parents can focus on learning, growing and planning for their future. Each family comes in with different needs and barriers to stability. Our housing solutions are structured to accommodate varying lengths of stay depending on the time needed for the parents to build a solid foundation of support and strength to succeed.


Those needing housing inquire to have their name put on the waitlist and then they must check in regularly to stay on the list until space opens up. When space becomes available, they will be offered a tour and given an application. The completed application is reviewed by the program staff and space is offered to eligible families. 


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Family Emergency Shelter (FES)

Families, including single women, experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk can stay up to six months while receiving supportive services. 

1-Year Family Transitional Housing

Families, including those with single fathers and/or teenage boy over the age of 12, and students who are experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness can stay up to 12 months in shared transitional housing with case management and supportive services. 


2-Year Transitional Housing

Families experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness can stay up to 24 months of Transitional Housing and supportive services. 

Long-Term Housing

Families who qualify may reside in our 6 Long-term Housing units. These are single-family units. 


The Three Pillars of Self-Sufficiency:

While living in PVSS housing, parents are busy creating change with the help and encouragement of supportive case management. Parents build a solid foundation through completing programs, workshops, and classes in the Three Pillars of Self-Sufficiency: Emotional Stability – Financial Stability – Housing Stability. These pillars are specifically designed to help parents remove the barriers to a stable, happy life. Attending these programs is a requirement while living in PVSS housing.

Emotional Stability

Emotional Stability

Many parents suffer from emotional instability as adults caused by adverse experiences as children (ACEs). The ACEs and Family Strengthening program helps families to build resilience.

Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Financial stability is key to long-term success in permanent housing. The Coordinated Economic Development (CED) program connects adults with job and professional development training, and more.

Housing Stability

Housing Stability

Once permanent housing is achieved, keeping it is paramount. This is a 12 part series structured to prepare parents in making informed decisions regarding their future housing.

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