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The Three Pillars of Self-Sufficiency:


In addition to housing, PVSS employs a highly effective program model for all participants that consists of workshops, classes, counseling, and case management that form the “Three Pillars” of self-sufficiency for families experiencing homelessness.

Emotional Stability

Many parents suffer from emotional instability as adults caused by adverse experiences as children (ACEs). The ACEs and Family Strengthening program helps families to build resilience through workshops and one-on-one counseling services. Every participant has access to a contracted counselor to help process issues that may arise during their involvement in the program.

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Financial Stability

Financial stability is key to long-term success in permanent housing. The Coordinated Economic Development (CED) program connects adults with job and professional development training, financial literacy, budgeting and savings programs, ESL, GED and more. Once employment is established, budget and savings goals are set. Each participant meets monthly with the financial case manager to review their expenses and to turn in their savings. When they move into permanent housing, they receive the money from their savings.


Housing Stability

Once permanent housing is achieved, keeping it is paramount. The Hope and Home Tenant Education Program teaches families their rights and responsibilities, how to be great tenants and neighbors, how to manage their rent and expenses, and how to avoid the common pitfalls leading to housing instability or eviction. This is a 12 part series structured to prepare parents in making informed decisions regarding their future housing.

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