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Our Board is Expanding!

Ideal candidates embrace the Board’s values, are passionate ambassadors and promoters and willing and able to advance the mission and vision of PVSS. 

Board’s VALUES:

Initiative | Fearlessness | Integrity | Accountability

Board’s MISSION:

The mission of the PVSS Board is to lead the advancement of PVSS’ mission and vision with excellence and to ensure effective oversight, governance and sustainability.

Board’s VISION:

The Board is committed to a culture of self-driven initiative, fearlessness, integrity, and accountability. Geographically and functionally diverse, the Board provides leadership to advance the mission and vision of PVSS by generating opportunities for community engagement and fundraising. The Board of Directors at PVSS represents an engaged, passionate, diverse, fearless, and self-directed group of cross-sector stakeholders.

Board’s ROLES:

Education. Self-educates on issues of homelessness and human services and self-directs individual and collective learning and action.

Fundraising. Leading by example, 100% of Board is engaged in personal giving. Exercising their unique, personal voice and passion for the mission, all Board members are expected to fearlessly use personal and professional clout/influence to generate beneficial relationships and funding for our PVSS foundational future.

Mission. Embraces and embodies the mission of PVSS; individuals and Board articulate in their own terms PVSS’ value to the community.

Self-driven. Establishes goals and self-directs outcomes around Board’s contribution to governance, internal relations (programs, human resources), and external relations (fundraising, public relations, and marketing.)

Governance. Governs itself at a high-level, self-directing Board recruitment, establishing and measuring against SMART goals, and regularly evaluating performance.

Feedback. Provides educated and challenging direction and feedback to staff.




Contact Executive Director Mike Johnson at or (831) 728-5649 x102 to learn more about how you can make a difference as a Director on PVSS’ Board!

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