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Shelter to Home 2019

October 3, 2019

Thank You for Joining Us!

Pajaro Valley Shelter Services provides families with a path to stable, self-sufficient futures through short- and longer-term housing and supportive services.

We envision a community where families have safe, secure, and stable housing with sufficient resources and space to plan for their futures and pursue happiness.

At PVSS, families move from shelter to home, from despair to security, from isolation to community, from separated to united, from financial instability to savings and consciousness, from “I can’t” to “I can!”

Join us in celebrating these transformations at our 3rd annual Shelter to Home Benefit Dinner.

NEW & EXCITING! In honor of PVSS’ 36-year history in the Pajaro Valley and an eye on a sustainable future, the event will be held at the Pajaro Valley Historical Association. The association preserves, interprets and promotes the history of the diverse cultures that have shaped the Pajaro Valley. Join us in exploring the many treasures on exhibit at the Bockius-Orr House.

MORE NEW & EXCITING! We will have a silent auction featuring work by PVSS family members – PVSS clients, alumni, volunteers, and donors – accompanied by great bottles of wine.

Shelter to Home 2019

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