Volunteer opportunities are available in a variety of capacities. Please complete the Volunteer Interest form or call Benna at (831) 728-5649 x107 to express your interest in volunteering at PVSS.

See what some of our volunteers have to say!

I volunteer with Pajaro Valley Shelter Services because I embrace and share the mission of the Shelter. I receive the reward and satisfaction of being able to contribute my time and energy in support of women, children, and families as they rediscover their own strengths, relying on themselves and the support of the program to achieve secure housing. Recently I have loved being able to contribute my enjoyment of photography at special Shelter events.

In addition to the photography, my volunteerism has included all kinds of miscellaneous help through the years: wrapping Christmas gifts, folding T-shirts, grabbing runners’ numbers as they crossed the finish line during the Mother’s Day Run. And in the really, really old, old days I contributed in a variety of ways: fundraising through spaghetti dinners, a donated car raffle and appeals at local churches; house hunting, scrounging for beds and dressers and linens, participating in hours of meetings with a wonderful group of church people and a city person to plan and help raise enough funds to even open those doors of the first house on Sudden Street in 1983. I remember fondly that group of founders, almost all of whom have died, and who now are looking down on us with joy!

"AV," Ann Veronica Coyle

PVSS volunteer for 34 years

The kindhearted and hardworking volunteers, staff, and clients at PVSS made me want to contribute and help end homelessness. I have gained so much respect for the mothers and their positive energies. As a volunteer, it is a great feeling to help out and witness children do well in school, and see families reaching their goals.


Talla Riazi

B.S. in Neuroscience from UCSC, volunteers and works at a local hospital and at a rehab facility, Emergency Shelter volunteer two evenings a week

While recruiting families for a psychology study, Joyce met a mother and her child at the Watsonville Public Library who were interested in participating. The mother shared with her that she lived at PVSS’ Emergency Shelter.

After graduating college, that resonated with me, so I decided to volunteer at PVSS and give back to my community. No matter how much or little you do to help out, it all makes a difference for these families. You’ll widen your perspective and forever change your view of life.

Joyce M. Rodriguez-Gutierrez

B.A. in in Intensive Psychology and Theater Arts from USCS, Emergency Shelter volunteer one evening a week


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