Transitional Housing

A Hand Up, Not a Handout

More than a roof, families need a strong foundation to rebuild a happy home.

(Photo Credit: “Homework,” LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group, 2015)

My kids witnessed their mother walking across the stage. I want to be a great example for my kids and let them know, “YES, YOU CAN!” My eldest son told me, “You looked very pretty when you graduated. I’m going to take your example to also graduate from high school.”

Araceli, 2017 PVSS Transitional Housing Mother

Families may reside in the 13 units of 2-Year Transitional Housing for a maximum of 24 months. These units are single-family homes. 

PVSS collaborates with other agencies to provide coordinated case management support. Each family develops a written individual life plan and works on accomplishing self-sufficiency goals in areas such as employment, education, housing, immigration, mental health, English as a Second Language, parenting, and budgeting. Each family also learns key financial literacy skills, which allow them to save a substantial portion of their income. 


PVSS Owns All of Its Properties
East Beach Street

Unit 1: 4 Bedrooms / 2 1/2 Bathrooms

Unit 2: 2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms

Unit 3: 2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms

Sudden Street

Unit 1: 3 Bedroom / 2 Bathrooms

Sudden Street

Unit 1: 3 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom

Sudden Street

Unit 1: 1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom

Unit 2: 1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom

Sudden Street

Unit 1: 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms

Marin Street

5 units: 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms


Your donation provides the roof and foundation for a happy home.