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Tracy’s Story

You Can Do It!

Tracy’s Story

When she fled the central valley with her children, she left the dream of owning her own home and business. Tracy, (not her real name) left behind the promise of a new home which she was in the process of buying and a day care business which she had just been licensed to operate. She left all of this to create a better future for her family, free of abuse and violence.  Tracy arrived in Watsonville and moved in with a family member. As with most rental agreements, overcrowding is not allowed, so she found herself in need of housing. 

Tracy found PVSS through the local Healthy Start Program. She filled out an application and was put on the wait list. She was diligent and called often to check in. Her smile brightens the room as tells of receiving the call from Senior Case Manager, Addy Rodriguez. “I was so happy to be given the chance to move into the Shelter!” She continued, “I had so many problems when I arrived, my car had been burned and I was afraid that the children’s father had found us. I couldn’t think clearly.” Tracy needed a safe place to land while she collected her thoughts and planned for her new future. Once in our program, she worked hard and followed Addy’s guidance. She accepted counseling for herself and her children. Tracy explained, “Sometimes it was hard to follow the rules, but I knew it was important and that my children would benefit. When spending money, I always have to ask, do we need it or do we want it?” 

Now, having successfully worked the program, Tracy is moving into her own rental with her children. Her face was full of joy as she shared about her accomplishments, which includes a savings account, “I’m not sure what to do with the savings, we need a second car for my son to drive because he takes his siblings to school while I work.” Looking toward her future, “I am confident that I will take what I have learned and continue to succeed!” Her advice for others, “You can change your situation if you really want to work hard and PVSS can help you.”

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