The Difference Is You

You are the difference between these children sleeping in a bed and spending the night outside or in a car.

Program Outcomes

Last 3-Year Average


Individuals exited successfully to permanent housing


Families that exited successfully with savings for housing


Adults that exited successfully with employment

People Served


Individuals Served

Children Served

Families Served

PVSS’ Coordinated Economic Development (CED) Program Turbo-Charges Success!


In September 2020, we implemented an exciting new program called Coordinated Economic Development (CED) to help adults transition from pandemic-vulnerable jobs to more stable employment. Last fiscal year, CED engaged 59% of adults in financial literacy and professional development training, higher education, and GED and ESL classes. CED has been phenomenally successful! CED enrollees were 257% more likely to exit into permanent housing with employment than their counterparts.


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