“Because of COVID-19, my husband and I lost our employment. The shop where I work closed and I have been searching for another job in vain. Our family’s situation is difficult at this time, as we have three children. Between paying our bills and buying food, we have run out of money this month and cannot pay our rent.”

– Nineth, PVSS Transitional Housing Mom

Let’s Rise Up and Work Together

At this time, the COVID-19 crisis has suspended the progress of many families. We worry about families’ ability to work their way out of homelessness. 57% of Emergency Shelter mothers and 52% of adults in Transitional Housing and Long-term Housing have experienced job loss or employment interruption. They are struggling to pay rent and provide for their families.

We are strong and dedicated to our mission, while we brace for whatever is to come. We have implemented an emergency plan that addresses physical distancing, virtual support meetings, sanitation, and emergency supplies – to minimize service interruptions and maximize safety.

We are committed to maintaining the housing stability of the most vulnerable members of our community: children and their parents experiencing homelessness. To do so, we will help families with rent and basic needs assistance.

I invite you to stand with the families in our care. Make a gift to our Family Emergency Relief Fund / Virtual Mother’s Day Run & Walk. Your support provides a safety net for our community’s most vulnerable families who need it now more than ever.

We are grateful and very fortunate that our participants and staff are all healthy. Please take good care of yourselves. Let’s rise up and work together.

– Mike Johnson, PVSS Executive Director

Because of You…
40th Home Purchase by a PVSS Family

“At PVSS, we restored our sense of responsibility and self-confidence. It was tough at first, but as we shed the layers of our addiction and depression, we rebuilt our support networks, learned how to manage our finances, and united as a family. Our children Michelle and Saul regained the joy of being kids and living in a loving home.

The stability we gained as a family inspired our children to graduate from high school and pursue higher education. Michelle is studying psycholgy at CSUMB and Saul is working on his personal trainer certification at Cabrillo College.

In our last year at PVSS, we were saving as much as we could. We bought the home of our dreams in Santa Nella. It feels like a mansion to us. We are enjoying it very much. The kids have their privacy in their own rooms.

We want to thank the donors. Thank you for participating in events like the Mother’s Day Run & Walk. Thank you for your donations during the holidays. Thank you for treating us with respect and welcoming us with love!”

– Adan & Olga

Art Therapy for Healing and Wellness
An Interview with Clay Workshop Volunteer Teacher Michelle

What do you love about clay as a medium??
Its three-dimensionality offers something to people who may be intimidated by drawing or painting a picture. Having your hands in clay opens up so many possibilities.

What do you love about teaching clay workshops at PVSS?
I love preparing a project and seeing where the kids take it. I usually have a theme and the kids will expand on it. We were making masks once, and one of the boys added a body to his mask. In his words, making the mask was “easy.” His figure turned out like a flat Stanley from the children’s TV series. Others expanded on the idea and decided to make snowmen.

What did you hope that clay sculpting would bring to kids and families at PVSS?
Working with clay is a healing process. Participants learn to embrace the creation part, because we don’t fire the pieces. It’s not about having a finished product to hang on a wall; it’s about the process.

What do the kids learn?
They learn to stick with the creative process. They also learn about sharing and patience, as I have a limited number of tools. Kids will teach you about boundaries… I’m really excited that parents are embracing the process too!

Read the full interview with Michelle Hofmann, clay artist, here!

Welcome to Our Team, Maria!

“I grew up watching my friends share homes with multiple family members who would tell
me the waitlists for low income apartments or subsidized housing were too long. I have
knowledge of the situation and I want to help the people who want to be helped. I want to serve as a tool in their success. It allows me to be part of their journey and process towards self-sufficiency. I appreciate the opportunity PVSS has given me to work with these wonderful
families.” – Maria Zamudio, Administrative Coordinator

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