Gifts have been given this year (7/2013 - 6/2014) in memory of

Ester Bobo by Linda Magno

Sr. Marie Veronica Wagner by Eugene Wagner

Lois and Bill Morris by Marth Kenner

Betty Murphy by Bill Murphy

Bruce Wilson Woolpert by Rose Ann Woolpert

Gifts have been given this year (7/2013 - 6/2014) in honor and celebration of

The Youngblood Family by Diane Cooley

Sr. Sharon McMillan for Christmas by Valerie Moule

Placido Domingo by Jeffrey Jones

Dick Frodsham by Karen Frodsham

Susan Mahan, Theologian by A.M. Stickel

Diane Cooley's 85th birthday by Nancy Loshkajian

Diane Cooley by Sharon Barrett

Georgeann Eiskamp by Ron and Gingi Kinninger

Susan Mahan, Theologian by A.M. Stickel

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The Wagner Family - A Family Committed to the Homeless

Here is a picture of the Wagner family in the 1930's - a family of 9 children that made a big mark in Watsonville. In the picture: the back row left to right is Eugene, Leo, George, Ursula, Madeline, and Kathleen (aka Sr. Marie Veronica). The front row is Jack, John Baptist Wagner (their father), Patrick, Luisa Brockamp Wagner (their mother), and Dolores. This humble family grew the food they ate, worked hard and managed to send their children to private Catholic school so that they would all become well educated and successful people. It was Sr. Marie Veronica who, 26 years ago, had the vision of starting a shelter to house homeless women and children. Her brother George, an employee of Granite Construction, was a major contributor to the purchase of the Shelter and set an example with his co-worker Dick Solari in helping the homeless in Watsonville. Their commitment went on to inspire Granite Construction employees in their support through the annual Mother's Day Run. Both these men and their families have continued the personal legacy of support, as have all the Wagner clan to this day. George Wagner passed away in early 2009.

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Shelter founder Sr. Marie Veronica's brother George Wagner died at the age of 99. George was instrumental in the purchase of the Emergency Shelter for Women and Children at 115 Brennan Street. We saw this house with its five bedrooms and large back yard and knew it would be perfect for a shelter. But, where would we ever get the money for a down payment? Sr. Marie said that she would ask her brother George for help. George trusted us to grow and gave us the downpayment for the house. We would have struggled for many years to provide sheltering services had George not risked and generously supported these first efforts of ours. George was known for this type of generosity. He brought us many other friends like Dick and Mary Solari and the wonderful connection with Granite Construction where George and Dick had begun their careers as young men and where George worked for 54 years.

This is the passing of truly one of the greatest persons in our community in his love and compassion for the poor.

We are grateful to all the Wagner Family who have become an extension of our family here at Pajaro Valley Shelter Services.

Sr. Susan Olson, Co-Founder and former Executive Director of the Shelter Services